San Francisco Gave Me a Run for My Money

It was love at first sight…with the shuttle driver that is. I had just landed in the charming and hilly city of San Francisco; my first stop on a spontaneous, solo trip to the West Coast. I eagerly jumped into the shuttle bus anxious to be at my hotel already. Instantly, I struck up a conversation with the driver wanting to know all his favorite spots in San Fran. He knew. He knew the whole time. It was as if he was reading my mind, and I was perfectly okay with this. Naturally, food became a topic of conversation and I quickly told him that I was starved (I usually run on an every 2 hour eating schedule, so this was completely normal). And that’s when it happened. Mr. Driver, whose name I forgot after 5 seconds, kindly offered up his McDonald’s breakfast in which I politely and sadly declined. Can you say self-control? I live and breathe McDonald’s, so this was a huge feat for me and a moment with a stranger that I will never forget. And that’s my story on love at first sight…

On to bigger and better things: San Francisco. This city was equal parts chill and friendly. I stayed in Union Square, across the street from Chinatown, and there was no shortage of people wanting to take in every aspect of the city. What I really liked about this area was that I was able to walk to bars, restaurants and shops very easily. This was ideal since I only had two days to devour as much of the city as I possibly could.

But did you check out the Golden Gate Bridge? Why, yes of course I did. It was everything I had imagined and much more. My goal was to walk across the bridge, take 5,000 pictures like a crazy tourist and then head over to Sausalito for sightseeing and to grab some grub. What I had not planned on doing was losing my cellphone, but I managed to do it somehow. So let’s just say my ass never made it to Sausalito.

After asking about 5 people if I could use their phone (asking people to use their phone is like asking for their first born), a $140 cab ride and 10 f-bombs later, my phone was finally and thankfully retrieved! The rest of my trip was devoted to meeting some awesome people and downing a drink or two or five.


Final Thoughts: The Golden Gate Bridge did not scare me away. I will be returning and hopefully soon. The people were beyond pleasant, Sausalito still needs to see my ass and there are so many restaurants with my name on it.

Tell me, do you have any good stories about visiting San Fran?

More Photos From My Trip:


12 thoughts on “San Francisco Gave Me a Run for My Money

  1. Well Sam, I did my first tour of duty in Monterey California, at Fort Ord. Wow the people were great you made me miss California the wine country is a whole nother world one I think you would like glad you had a good time did you go the pier?? there in San Fransico that’s a cool spot as well happy traveling I will be looking forward to more of your wonderful blogs thanks

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  2. So now I want to go to the land of chill!!! I was in San Francisco once. We were on a road trip to somewhere else and had no spare time to take it in. I was around 17 years old, I remember driving thru and being in awe of the streets and the crazy inclines and curves. The homes were colorful ,skinny,and tall. Now I wish I would’ve ditched the group I was with and checked it out. Oh well, I am going to put it on my places I need to be list.


  3. I love San Francisco. I visited there many times in the late 60’s and lived in Oakland 1970-71. I was married in Golden Gate park! I particularly loved going to Glide Memorial Church. The biggest mixture of people you can imagine came to that church. It was always fun to watch people come from the hotels thinking they were going to a regular church and find it was anything but. It was a very counter culture group and the services were a major celebration of life. In those days the line to get in went around the block. Inside there was standing room only. People even stood in the window sills! We attended a service there the day we married. That day Roberta Flack was singing in the church and Quincy Jones was playing the piano. I definitely have good memories of San Francisco.


  4. Great post! I’m was born and raised in SF, so I have that BAY AREA pride with tons of stories to back them up. One of my favorites was walking down mission street near SOMA after the SF Giants won their first world series in 2010. Our city (at the time) haven’t won any sports championships in recent years and it was so amazing to see the city united for one day for one reason. It was chaotic, for sure, but in a good way. No one was fighting nor was there any violence; everyone was just out there to have a good time. Plus, I was and still am a hardcore bay area sports fan, so winning a championship is always good!

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