People That I Am Fond Of, Part 1: Leonardo DiCaprio

Can we all sit in a moment of silence and appreciate the perfect specimen that is Leo?  Can you do that for me? Can you? I’ve loved this blue-eyed piece of meat since he selflessly allowed Rose to take up that whole damn wooden plank/panel thingy at the end of Titanic (I’m still a little bitter about that scene, so not going to go in depth about it). I mean look at him, need I say more?


Lucky for you, I still have more to say about this Oscar-less yet super talented human. Since I went there, let’s talk about Leo receiving a kick in the nuts year after year at the Oscars, shall we? What exactly is the Academy waiting for?  Really, can someone please shed some light on this situation? Are they waiting for the poor guy to get mauled by a bear (see what I just did there)? Seriously though, the Academy needs to get their shit together.  Don’t worry Leo; I know 2016 will be your year to shine.

And shine he does, but in the most subtle and humbling of ways. Leo is never in your face about what an incredible actor he is or the fact that he only dates Supermodels or that he parties on yachts and private islands. No, no this guy keeps it real with his man bun, his dad bod in between making movies and a little game he likes to play called, “Today I Want to Look Like Jack Nicholson.” That’s why I believe Leo is not only the perfect specimen, but deserves so much more than only 3 Golden Globes.

Final Thoughts: My infinite love for Leonardo DiCaprio was solidified at this year’s Golden Globes, when he had a priceless reaction to Lady Gaga brushing up against him. Also, he is one of the only actors that can do no wrong in my book.

Tell me, what are your thoughts about Leo?


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