Kinzie’s Kritiques-Liebster Award 2016

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I would like to thank the talented blogger, Robin for nominating me for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is a peer-generated award and I was flattered that she took the time to nominate me. I have graciously accepted this award. To visit Robin’s blog, please click on the following link:

Here are the official rules for nomination and acceptance of this award:


Robin asked the following questions to be answered: 

1) When did you start blogging and why?

I started my blog in November of 2015 because it was and still is a creative outlet for me

2) What’s your greatest strength?

My unique ability to make people laugh

3) “No one does it like me.” What is one skill or talent that you do better than anyone?

I have the ability to expand my stomach, up to 5x, to allow for the consumption of 10,000 calories in one sitting

4) What is your favorite genre of books and why?

Fiction because my imagination can take me anywhere; the possibilities are endless

5) What keeps you motivated?

My happiness, there is no greater feeling in the world

6) What’s most important to you in life?

My family/friends and I have to be passionate about everything I do

7) How do you define success?

Consuming said 10,000 calories and not throwing up

8) What is your most memorable moment?

Spontaneously quitting my job and traveling solo; allowing myself to connect with other people/see new places

9) What would you change in your life if you could?

As cliché as this sounds, nothing. Everything that has/is happening has made me the person that I am and I am pretty fucking cool

10) What is your favorite kind of music and why?

Classic rock. There will never be another Jimi Hendrix, Robert Plant or Paul McCartney

 11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have an obsession with food. I think about my next meal before I have finished my current meal
  2. I am a music junkie
  3. I am probably the most sarcastic person you will ever meet and this is one of the main reasons why you love me
  4. I have a passion for both fashion and marketing
  5. I started meditating a little over a year ago and it has completely transformed my way of thinking
  6. I am probably in the minority of women who has no desire to ever get married
  7. I have two tattoos and am craving to get more
  8. I am an extremely neat person, but everything going on in my head is a huge cluster fuck
  9. I have mastered the art of being able to have no filter and somehow never offending anybody
  10. Ideally, I like to change up my hairstyle every few months because I get extremely bored
  11. I rather hang out with kids over adults any day of the week

Bloggers that I am nominating for the Liebster Award:

That Mom-Wife Life

Songs of Home

Living, Learning and Letting Go

Erin Leigh Ever After


Questions for my nominees:

  • If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
  • What inspires you in life?
  • What is the greatest advice you have ever received?
  • One place you would like to visit that you have never been?
  • The one song that changed everything for you?
  • What is your best quality?
  • What makes you happy? Why?
  • Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
  • The reason you blog/continue to blog?
  • Your biggest guilty pleasure?
  • If you could be eating your ultimate meal, right now, what would it be?

2 thoughts on “Kinzie’s Kritiques-Liebster Award 2016

  1. Hi, sorry I’m only getting to this now. First off, thanks so much for the nomination! However, I have done this award already (and I thought it was for bloggers under 200 followers….I dunno, things change) but I love answering questions that really make me think, so I figured I’d answer yours here instead!
    1. This is weird and maybe silly, but I’d say Jesus just so I’d be able to get some official word on all these problems with our world today. Like I’d ask if God really disapproves of gay people and whatnot. I’m not even that religious, so it’s weird that I’d answer with that, but…yeah…Jesus.
    2. Positivity and success inspires me. When people tell me something I did was good or I get a good mark on paper or something, I just feel so inspired and sure of things, like I can continue doing what I’m doing.
    3. I don’t know….People don’t give me advice….so…pass…
    4. London, England.
    5. ‘Not Alone’ by Darren Criss (but the version from A Very Potter Musical, as I heard that first) because that song is super cute and really reminds me that I’m not totally alone and unloved in life (which is something I struggle with sometimes…)
    6. I’m really easy going.
    7. TV makes me happy. I love watching it and losing myself in the many crazy plots weekly.
    8. I don’t know, nothing really huge has happened in terms of embarrassment… I’m a cautious person.
    9. I love the blogosphere and I love being able to write whatever I want and know that there are people who enjoy reading it.
    10. Reality TV. Kardashians and all that….love to hate it!
    11. Cheese pizza and rootbeer!
    Again, thanks a lot for the nomination! 😀

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