Shit, I Can’t Get My Creative Juices to Flow

So my creative juices have been a little stagnant lately. Also doesn’t help that I am trying to write this post without the help of my other favorite kind of juices (aka alcohol). Pretty brave of me, I know.

*Side note: I am listening to Radiohead’s Burn the Witch right now and have had it on repeat for about 2 weeks. Kind of scared for myself. Kind of don’t care.

Anyway, back to my problem of my creative juices not flowing very easily lately. It’s like I have so many thoughts on what to write about and no thoughts all at the same time. Does that make any sense? No? Cool.

I would like to be writing constantly. Mostly because people love hearing my opinions about things (that is joke, but is it?) and partially because it allows me to be creative. I am most happy and most free when I have an outlet to release my creativity.

Maybe I need to come up with a ritual to unlock my inner creative tiger. It was rumored that Led Zeppelin would sit around and drink coffee together, and Robert Plant would need a designated area for ironing his shirts before they took the stage. I am thinking mine should be something along the lines of sitting down with a slice of pizza and a beer, then have another slice of pizza and another beer and repeat that process five times. This ritual actually sounds like a typical Friday night for me, but I digress.

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin 

What do my fellow writers/bloggers, out there, do when they are in a writing slump? Do any of you have a special “ritual?” How do you get your creative juices flowing?

I want to hear from you! Please share all your secrets with me.


12 thoughts on “Shit, I Can’t Get My Creative Juices to Flow

  1. Part of me says don’t stress it, as I come up with ideas randomly while doing something normal like brushing my teeth, but part of me also says try and get your brain clogs turning by brainstorming silly ideas based around things you like ‘six favourite candle scents’ or tell a story about something in your room (‘how I got this trophy’). You don’t actually have to write the posts as most of what you think of will be silly (like my example ones) but they can lead into better ones. Hope that helps!

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  2. Stagnant is the key word here. What’s the opposite of stagnant? Active, alert, busy, energetic, lively, mobile, spirited–basically, moving. So, go do some of that shit and watch all the crazy lights flicker back on in your head. Works every time.

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  3. To be completely honest I’m the worst at overcoming writers block… I just get really sad and kinda dissapointed in myself, and some times for no reason it passes and suddenly I feel creative again! It’s kinda weird, and it’s not exactly optimal but you know, sometimes it’s just hard to figure out what to do, or even what you want to do, when it’s the thing you thought you loved the most, (for me it’s writing), that’s weighing you down… Don’t know if that made sense, but I tried:P

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  4. I used to wear writers blog as a badge of shame, it’s great that you are talking openly about it!! I used to burrow myself into a black hole every time I experience one and would have no idea how to cajole myself out of it. Until my recent solo trip through parts of Europe… And it has mentally energised me. So I would have to say there’s nothing like travelling to make you feel alive again!

    Please feel to browse mine and let me know what you think of my recent posts, inspired by new revelations post my travels. Thanks in advance 😊

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