Things That Annoy the Shit Out of Me: Today’s Dating Culture

This topic is so frustrating; I don’t even know where to start. I could ramble on and on about why I would rather walk in front of oncoming traffic, than have to try and figure out dating in today’s world. On one hand you can say that technology has opened the door to meet so many people very easily, but on the other hand you now have more opportunities to get hurt or left confused.

What is so frustrating is there are so many variables to dating now. Are you going to meet someone organically, like at a bar or coffee shop? Do you want to use dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble? How about or OkCupid? Are you “just having fun?” or do you want something more serious? Who should make the first move? Do you go for coffee, drinks or dinner first? (How about we go on a napping date because all these situations make me exhausted)?

So, you finally meet someone and go on that first date. How exciting! Now you are subjecting yourself to a new list of variables. What am I allowed/not allowed to talk about? Do I text him/her after the date? How long should I wait to receive/make a phone call asking for another date if there is, in fact, another date? Am I going to be ghosted? Or how about the latest and greatest: being benched?

Today’s Dating Culture

Don’t get me wrong dating can be fun, but it also can be a huge pain in the ass. Coming from a female’s perspective, as far I am concerned, chivalry is about as dead as they come. Most guys, today, between the ages of 18-35 have no idea how to treat a lady. (Key word being most, not all. Slow your roll, gentlemen). I don’t believe dating has to be such a pain in the ass. If we go back to the basics, of really getting to know someone, you might just find a strong connection.

Final Thoughts: Today’s dating culture is exhausting. It’s far from black and white. I find that you have to have thick skin and open mind/attitude to date in today’s world. And how about we cut the ghosting and benching bullshit? Be a straightforward person and it will save a lot of people some heartache.

What do you think about today’s dating culture?

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18 thoughts on “Things That Annoy the Shit Out of Me: Today’s Dating Culture

  1. I totally know what you mean. I’m 20 and have never been on a date. Part of me says I’m not ready and another part of me says it’s because I’m just not open to the hassle that exists around it today. Sometimes I think about trying Tinder or some dating website, but then I see screenshots of rude pickup lines and whatnot, and I just stay away. And I don’t go out often either. When I do, it’s to a local club with some friends, and I really am not there to meet anyone. I can’t really fathom meeting the love of my life in some gross club while we’re both drunk. I’d rather be alone!

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  2. My thoughts: I’m sure glad I don’t have to go through the dating thing anymore…
    Swam over from the Daily Post Community Pool. Great post. I get the dating issues from a friend of mine who is divorced and trying to meet a new partner. It seems so frustrating and sometimes I think there are really only very weird people there (sorry guys… I know it’s not the case, it’s probably just her picking the wrong ones…). Finding a gentlemen nowadays is hard. I wonder when it stopped and why. It’s for sure one of the things we try to teach our kids. So that one day my son knows how to treat a lady and my daughter knows what she should expect from a man. The dating game will soon begin. As I said, I’m glad I don’t have to be part anymore but I sure will keep an eye on my kids…

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      1. I hope so. My son holds the door for women (and elderly, actually everyone…) and is not a teenager just yet. I think the little things that matter in the end. So easy to teach and it will make such a difference…

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  3. This post speaks to my soul haha you hit on Every. Single. Issue. that I have had with dating. I am just a little too tempted to send this one to my ex hahaha you need to make a post on how to date the modern day woman. Perhaps the men need some help!

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  4. I’m recently divorced and after 17 years I can’t imagine what it will be like to start dating again. Maybe I’ll just take some time for myself for awhile. The few men I have dated seemed like they were more into “the chase” than anything else….I feel like most men today stop trying once they know you’re interested. Yeah….I think I’ll take some time to myself and take myself out! Lol

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  5. Okay, totally going to sound like the snobby married chick here. I have a couple of friends who are currently dating and when I hear about what they go through, I am so grateful I am married and don’t have to deal with all the BS. I can’t believe some of the things people say/do these days!

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  6. You are so right! The lines are so blurred especially now that dating apps are prevalent. I met my current boyfriend from bumble and he admitted to me after a few months that he had 6!!! Dates lined up in a single week, I happened to be the last one and he fell in love. Haha, but kind of scary to think about how easy it is to get a date that may mean nothing these days.

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  7. I’ve always been in long term relationships and my husband and I have been together and married for three years now. I look at dating and am SO thankful I don’t have to deal with that. I have friends who are on Tinder which is something I don’t understand at all haha let’s be real, this isn’t a dating app, t’s a hookup app. Why does there need to be an app that helps you get laid? What happened to just meeting someone while you’re out and falling in love organically? And why do people make such a big deal about what you’re “allowed” to talk about on dates and all that? I have so many questions and I just don’t understand it haha thank God I’m married or I’d be single forever. No way would I want to go through all that.

    xo, Keating | Why Hello Lovely

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    1. I could not agree with you more. Good for you for finding your love! I hate following societies rules especially when it comes to dating. I don’t like to waste time…so why not be up front and just ask any questions on the first date? Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts:)


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