What’s Going On in the World? Presidential Debate Edition

I want us all to do this together…take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. I said SLOWLY let it out. Now that we are all a little more relaxed, let’s discuss the third presidential debate. A debate that was scarier to watch than most horror films.

October 19, 2016-The Third Presidential Debate:

If you were part of the millions tuning in just so you could see what came out of Trump’s mouth, he did not leave you hanging. No sir, he sure did not. If you wanted Clinton to give you the “how” she was going to make a change on the more important issues at hand, she did just that. (I bet you can tell who I am voting for!)

The debate started off pretty subdued and then the attacks started flying by and cutting through. Trump hand delivered most of the attacks, including calling Clinton a “nasty woman” and stating “I will look at it at that time” when asked about conceding if he loses on November 8th. These comments have only dug deeper holes for Trump, who has been accused of sexually harassment by several women after his “locker room talk” tapes were leaked a couple of weeks ago.

The third presidential debate was a time for Trump to redeem himself and talk more about the issues at hand and that did not seem to be on his agenda last night.

Election 2016 donald trump wrong presidential debate election debate

Clinton took the time to really expand and get more detailed as to what courses of action she was going to take on issues such as the economy, immigration and health care. She also made sure to hammer home why Trump is unfit to run this country.

Election 2016 laughing presidential debate election debate

My Opinion:  I was horrified, entertained, about to cry and laughing all within the 90 minutes of this debate. I didn’t know if I should start hitting the bottle or if I should stay away for fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop. This was hands down Clinton’s best performance and although Trump’s delivery was slightly more tactful, than the last debate, he still could not keep his mouth shut when it counted the most. I think that’s very telling.

So with all this being said, may the best candidate win and by “best” I mean Hillary Clinton. See you all on November 8th!

What are your thoughts about last night’s debate? What went right and what went terribly wrong?

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/19/politics/hillary-clinton-wins-third-presidential-debate-according-to-cnn-orc-poll/index.html


11 thoughts on “What’s Going On in the World? Presidential Debate Edition

  1. OMG That debate was really hard to watch. At the beginning you could tell Trump was trying to keep his cool, but that shortly went out the window haha. It was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.

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  2. The “bad hombres” line really made me cringe. All of the debates have been almost unbearable to watch. However, I think HRC really put on a presidential performance and I’ll proudly wear my “nasty women get stuff pin” on election day.

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  3. I sadly do not like either one. Neither one is a likable person. But because they are all we have, I am honestly in favor of Trump, yes I said it ! I am just tired of career politicians who just truly get nothing done. I would like to see a business man (or woman if there were one) to get in there and clean up the mess our country is in. I really think this election is going to be the people voting for who they dislike the least rather than who they like the most.

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  4. This entire election cycle has been horrifying but I can’t say that I’m totally surprised. As a nation, we have been on this trajectory for quite some time and now Trump is bringing it all to a head. The big problem is, we have an electorate that doesn’t understand how government actually works so when you get a blowhard on deck who says ‘I can fix it all by myself because I’m so successful’ (which is an outright lie by the way) the frustrated among us tend to believe that. It’s a national embarrassment that Trump is the nominee for the Republican party and that we have been forced to listen to his racist rhetoric, thinly veiled threats and toddler-like tantrums for months. This is a person seriously being considered for President of the United States of America?

    Then you have people saying ‘but I don’t like her.’ To those people, I refer them to what Oprah said: ‘she ain’t coming over your house, you don’t have to like her.’ Who is chosen to lead the world should not be a popularity contest. Let’s grow up.

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    1. Amen to everything you just said. I could not agree with you more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and speaking your mind in such a tactful manner. I hope you come back to share more thoughts on my future posts:)

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