What’s Going On in the World? World Series Edition

“Hey Chicago what do you say the Cubs are going to win today!” And just like that the Chicago Cubs break their 108 year drought to become this year’s World Series champions. Well not “just like that.” This road was 108 years in the making. And what a long and winding road it was.

No more curse, no more being the lovable losers and no more being the worst team in baseball. That all came to an end last night and now the Chicago Cubs are a force, a strong force that is, to be reckoned with.

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I will admit I used to be a big Cubs/baseball fan when I was younger and then seemed to lose interest along the way, but watching this post season has ignited that passion once again. How could it have not? So much history was made. So many exciting plays. So many exciting moments. So many pull my hair out, raise my blood pressure and scream at the TV moments.

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And last night’s game? I would like to know how many people went into cardiac arrest. That had to have been the most exciting, yet terrifying game ever played. Was anyone breathing properly? Did anyone have to keep reminding themselves to breathe? How was that game even real? Was it real? I am still trying to make sense of it all. I had to turn the news on first thing this morning to make sure that the Cubs were in fact World Series champions (They totally are. Fuck yeah!).

Cubs fan or not, baseball fan or not, you had to be watching history being made. Forget bandwagons or who the real fans are. Put that bullshit aside for right now and just enjoy the glory that is the Cubs winning the World Series.

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Final Thoughts: I almost wish we could relive last night’s game. Is that weird for me to say? It was just THAT amazing. Also, I want to randomly bear hug Rizzo for like an hour straight. He is so damn adorable! And I want to stare into Bryant’s baby blues while getting a tattoo with Baez. I am so random, I know. Deal with it.

What are your thoughts about last night’s game? What team were you rooting for and why?


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