Should Breakfast Dates Be a Thing?

“What topic would you want my opinion on?” I text my friend as I was looking for ideas for my next blog post. “How about if breakfast dates should be a thing.”  “Um, okay. Interesting, but okay.” I replied back. And just like that, I am writing a post dedicated to finding out if breakfast dates should be a thing.

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I don’t think I have ever thought about a breakfast date before let alone been asked on one. It’s probably because I couldn’t fathom wanting to interact with someone before 10am on the weekend. I mean I get why someone would want to see my smiling, adorable and sassy face first thing in the morning because obviously.

And can you say mimosas or bloodies? If my ass is waking up, getting dressed and putting on makeup first thing in the morning, I will need to be rewarded. Heavily rewarded.  Also, don’t expect for me to engage in any meaningful conversation. Because unless your name is Leonardo DiCaprio, I will most likely be thinking about how tired I am and when I can get back to bed.

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What I am trying to say here is breakfast dates could be a thing, I just don’t think it could ever be a thing for me. Unless you don’t care about me showing up in sweats, mumbling a few words here and there, slurping down some bloodies and then bouncing. Bouncing back to my bed that is.

Now for you mere immortals who naturally wake up with a daisy up your ass, breakfast dates could be a magical thing for you. You could go enjoy some good food, a cup of coffee or two and some good company along with great conversation. If the date doesn’t go well, you still have your whole day to look forward to. If the date does go well, it could continue on into something more (typing this makes me almost wish that I was a pleasant morning person. Or even a pleasant person for that matter).

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Finals Thoughts: If you want to try going on a breakfast date by all means try it, but let’s not turn this into an epidemic. I really don’t need to be witnessing a love connection, in the making, while I am nursing a hangover and scarfing down my 5th piece of bacon.

I want to hear your thoughts! Tell me, should breakfast dates be a thing? Why or why not?


14 thoughts on “Should Breakfast Dates Be a Thing?

  1. Girllll, Im definitely with you on this one. Breakfast dates are not my thing. The fact that I am even awake before 12 is a miracle. On days I have to wake up before 10, I expect a big reward, like huge cup of coffee or if we are doing something really exciting to make me totally forget about sleep and boy that is hard to do.

    So yes breakfast dates can be a thing maybe a once in a while thing but definitely not a regular thing

    Shi Hui

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  2. It depends on what the context is. I’ve been asked to many breakfast dates before but : is it with friends? New Significant Other from the night before? Etc. I think it’s a unique way to see another side of someone for as long as the circumstances are in our favor.

    Obviously, from the night before if you don’t have a fresh pair of clothes tooth brush or makeup that would not call for a comfortable breakfast date. But comfortable silence needs to be a thing (in a relation or friendship) and if it’s not then I don’t believe a connection is made (on any level).
    Girlfriends breakfast dates? Heck yeah – Sunday brunch is the best but even the coffee meetup before u start your day can REALLY heighten moods!


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