Why Memes Give Me Life

I want to start off by saying that I am sorry. I am sorry that I have not written in a hot minute and I am sorry that I have deprived you of some good reads. I was sick and extremely busy in January. Please let it slide because I am back!

Also, I know that I said I would do recurring current events type of posts but with everything that is going on in the world, lately, I actually try to avoid listening to the news. I am now at the stage where I surround myself with daisies and ponies, every day, and live in denial. That’s not entirely true, but basically. What I am saying is, I can change my mind whenever I want because it’s my blog so deal with it.

So it sounds like I am starting this post off with a lot of excuses and that would be correct. I’m human, shoot me. Mkay?

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to what this post is really about: memes. Fuck, I am in love with memes. I live, I eat and I breathe memes. I have never been the originator of a meme although maybe I should start? I kinda like to think I am funny and I am definitely cut-throat which I believe is the ultimate recipe for a great meme.

What is a meme, you say? Well first off, if you have to ask and have never been exposed to one, we most likely wouldn’t get along in the real world. So do yourself a favor and click on that link to educate yourself.

What makes a meme go viral? It goes viral when it’s relatable, funny, interesting, cut-throat and overall interesting. Memes say exactly what you are thinking with no shame and no guilt. Want to tell someone to fuckoff, but don’t know how to put it into words? There is a meme for that.

I like to consider myself a professional meme finder. Meaning I know the best places to go to find the best memes and then I hand deliver them to friends that will appreciate them. The greatest part? There is an endless supply of good memes because creativity can never be tamed and will never go away.

What are some of your favorite memes? Share with me!

Let’s take a look at some of my faves that I found this past week:





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