About Me

Hi, my name is Sam. For those that are already wondering and want to ask what Sam is short for, it’s short for Samantha. Surprisingly (to only me, I guess) this question gets asked a lot.

Why start a blog? It’s simple. I have a strong opinion about everything and I like to voice it. And since everyone loves hearing it, I have to give the people what they want (I hope you detected the sarcasm in there).

Things that make me feel alive: being creative, art, fashion, traveling, music, meeting new people, but at the same time avoiding people, meditating, randomness, McDonald’s French fries, giving people a hard time, laughing, pretending like I know all and about 25 other things.

So, want my opinion about anything? Just ask.

*Awards this blog has received: The Liebster Award, a peer generated award on wordpress

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